Each regular scheduled class at The Pole Vault is offered for a $18 entry fee.  

VIP Monthly membership – For those of you who want to visit frequently, we offer a  fee of $140/person/month. This allows you to visit us as many times as you wish in a monthly period.   There are price exceptions to the above:  

Specialty Workshops and Specialty Classes are priced on a per hour basis.  Group workshops are $50/person/hour.    

Private Lessons are offered at a rate of $75/hour/person.  Many find it much easier to learn when attending private lessons.

Introduction to Pole Workshop is offered by appointment only and is taught in a one on one private class.  Please note that ALL Pole classes require a prerequisite introductory workshop. This workshop is $75 and includes your first regular scheduled group class after completion.  Please call our studio to book your introductory workshop. The Pole Vault strives to be accommodating to your schedule and has flexible times available to better serve your needs.  To schedule your Introduction Workshop please call 303.880.4606.

Regular scheduled classes, that are non pole related or not considered a ‘workshop’, do not have prerequisites and are open to drop-in attendance with online registration being required. Please see the description of your desired event for any prerequisites that may be required.

ALL classes require a registration form to be submitted.  Thank you.