Carving and sculpting the waistline to enhance your shape and build your core.  30 minutes of non-stop abs!  Fly Gym apparatus, sliders and ab rollers will be utilized.  You asked for it and now you have to ‘bring it’.  15 minute stretch/warm up/cool down included.


Not for the faint of heart.  30 minutes of hardcore butt pumping, muscle firing circuits.  Works the biggest muscles to get the biggest caloric burn.  Circuits of squats, step ups, lunges, butt pumps to help target those important areas of the body.  15 minute stretch/warm up/cool down included.


Bringing together the best of everything!  Pole, strength building, and a heart racing workout for maximum results.  75 minutes of total whole body Meltdown.  Warm up and cool down included.


Are you looking for that push to the next level of your fitness goals?  Fusion Fitness is the class to take.  This is a high intensity, speed, agility and quickness cardio interval training class.  45 minutes of fat incineration using your body, weights, a jump rope and an agility ladder.  Put your game face on!


Advance your strength and endurance training in one complete training session. This body blast class will work every part of your body while increasing your metabolism. Kettlebell work ‘promotes total body muscle integration’. Core strength and muscle toning makes for a leaner meaner YOU! This event is open to all.

Resistance bands are quickly becoming THE choice for fitness enthusiasts and beginners who want to look and feel better. Lose unwanted body fat and increase muscle tone with exercises & workouts that will give you a total body workout. Open to all on a drop in basis.

In this class you have the support and comfort of being with your new “workout crew”. You can avoid super large groups and instructors that probably won’t remember your name. Your instructor is dedicated to helping you achieve whatever fitness goals you have. There is no intimidating gear and no one will yell at you. There is no embarrassment of feeling alone because everyone here knows what you are going through. Work out sessions are for all fitness levels and you are encouraged to work at your own pace. Come and enjoy a great way to get in shape!!

This class has a pre-requisite of Fly Gym Workshop.

This class introduces balancing techniques to create a lean, flexible and healthy core.  Core balance instruction increases stability and alignment essential to your posture and strength within you center core of your body. Come join us for this challenging, safe and effective workout.