Brenda Garrity

Brenda has been teaching Pole Fitness in Denver for over two decades. The Pole Vault is her second studio and sports some of the tallest poles in Denver. Her dance expertise allows for an all around experience. She believes in strength from the inside out and incorporates that strength building and muscle toning into all her classes. From her fun cardio classes to her boot camps, her pole fitness and dance, she believes that ‘Fitness begins on the inside and shows on the outside.’ ‘Building the core of your body will carry you into old age with grace and fluidity of movement.’

Brenda carries a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and believes in ‘whole body’ health. Her education in Nutrition and Chinese Medicine has led her into the world of physical fitness. Her personal training skills matched with her medical background give her an edge on developing every body that enters her studio. Its not just a ‘Pole Experience’ but rather a ‘Whole Body Experience’.

Brenda was a competitive body building champion and  placed 1st in her weight class numerous times throughout her career. Her achievements in this field include the Overall Women’s Body Building title at the 2008 Rocky Mountain Body Building Championships.
Estee Zakar

Estee is a competitive pro pole dance champion and placed 2nd in the 2010 National USPDF Competition and was awarded the title of Miss Trixter! Estee is proud to be sponsored by X-Pole, Mighty Grip and Bad Kitty Apparel. She performs across the country and with the Vertigirls vertical pole troop. Estee is also a master pole fitness instructor and is teaching and performing internationally.

Estee is a fitness model and representative for X-POLE USA. She was a gymnast and a university dance team performer. Her love for pole dancing developed when she found that she was able to combine strength from gymnastics with the expression of dance. She believes that pole dancing is not only one of the best and most creative forms of fitness- it is art.

Estee graduated with a BA degree in psychology and sociology and is currently working on her Master’s in Social Work at the University of Denver. She works with special needs children and participates in animal rescue organizations. Estee hopes to use pole dance fitness as a way to empower women of all shapes and sizes to reach their full potential and to help them feel confident, strong and sexy!
Susan Mann

Greetings. I have been dancing since the age of four. I started with tap, ballet, and jazz. In my 30’s I began to seriously study partner dancing. My passion is ballroom dancing, specifically Latin dancing. I have competed in all 9 styles of Latin dance. From the first time I went to a Zumba class, I realized that this was the real party! No make-up and no partner required. Come join me as I travel on the road to achieving my fitness goals. Perhaps I can inspire you too! Take a class with me and allow me to share the love I have for dance and Latin music with you.

Monika Kelly

Monika has been teaching pole fitness since 2013 and has been attending classes for the past fifteen years.  She passes her passion on to everyone in her classes.  Her dedication and discipline are infectious as is her laughter and joy.

Monika’s achievements include many local triathlons as well as her determination for accomplishing fourteeners.

She brings that crazy resolve and willpower to all her classes and infects her students.

Amber Villa