How to Get Your Exercise in by Pole Dancing!

At The Pole Vault in Denver, we encourage women to empower themselves by staying in shape while having fun and boosting their self-confidence. We understand workouts can feel repetitive. With the same exercises over and over, your body could even plateau and refuse to exhibit changes while you bust your butt in the gym! Our pole dancing exercises put a stop to the term of ‘boring workouts.’ We offer challenging forms of exercise to push you into the next gear. Drop in for our Pole Boot Camp incorporating cardio and strength training! Or, opt for our Burn in Booty Boot Camp, a class that is sure to leave you sore.  If our Taste of Burlesque workshop sounds more appealing to you, we’ll see you there! Let The Pole Vault in Denver show you the ropes… or in this case, the pole while exercising!

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